Public Diplomacy and Strategic Climate Communications after COP26

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Friday, January 28, 2022 - 11:00am
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Two months after the end of the 26th COP, diplomats, lawyers, and politicians have all come home. Yet after the negotiations have been made and the commitments agreed upon, it is time to communicate back to the public everything that has happened in the back room. How do trained policy professionals communicate complex international agreements to the public? Especially with climate change, which intersects with physical science, economics, and international relations, how can these complicated agreements be made legible? How can the media help the public distinguish real commitments from mere talk? How can public officials build trust with the public to ensure to them that they have the best of intentions, and how can the public know when they don’t? We pose these questions to panelists who have had a seat at the table and who have reported on these issues. The conversation features Sue Biniaz, Deputy to Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, and Fred Pearce, writer for Environment 360, moderated by Yale lecturer David Wade.

This event will be held under Chatham House Rule – as such, you are free to use information from the discussion, but you may not attribute it to any participant or speaker, nor where you obtained it.

This event is sponsored by the Yale Center for Environmental Communication, the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, Yale Environment 360, and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. It is hosted by our home institution, the Yale School of the Environment.