Pushing the frontier of discovery. Inspiring and accelerating work across disciplines. Finding integrated, powerful solutions to our biodiversity and climate crises.

The Planetary Solutions Project draws on Yale’s singular repository of world-class knowledge, innovation, and leadership to solve our world’s most urgent issue: human-caused environmental change and crises. By building bridges across disciplines, the project provides a flexible framework, resources, and support to enable those working toward solutions to explore, collaborate, and innovate in unexpected ways.

The ambition of the project reflects the complexity of the problem—no single response can solve our climate and biodiversity crises. Scholars, educators, and practitioners university-wide conduct responsive research in natural sciences and engineering, offer outreach through arts and civic discourse, and develop creative economic and social incentives and policies. Together we take an integrated approach to mitigate the effects of human-caused ecological disruptions, adapt natural systems to a changing world, and engage others to understand and address these issues.

Global environmental problems affect all of us, and we must all be part of the solution: to improve our world for this and future generations.

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