Yale University Library: Environmental Studies

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Yale University Library: Environmental Studies

15 environmentally focused databases

including BioOne Complete, a compendium of titles in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences, and Zoological Record, which covers modern animal research from 1864 to the present.

17 guides on specific subject matters or course work

that offer a jumping off point for research in the topic; these range from Agriculture to Financing and Deploying Clean Energy to resources for YSE Teaching Fellows.

1 Librarian for Environmental Studies

Rachel Sperling is part of a team of 11 specialists, including experts in geographic information systems, data collection, and data analysis.

155+ research requests

Each year, Sperling fields queries from students, faculty, and researchers across multiple disciplines, including (but not limited to) conservation biology, history, philosophy, public health, data visualization, and literature. In the past year, she has helped track down data on everything from the particulars of every business located in a specific section of New York City to the number and duration of power outages across Connecticut.

More than 100

newsletters focusing on environmental sciences or subject-specific intelligence on focused topics: the newest acquisition, Carbon Pulse, covers carbon markets, while another, the IAEE Energy Forum, focuses on applied/topical energy economics.

196 Forestry journals

Environmental Science journals 396

183 Climatology journals

Over 500,000

monographs in the Marx Science and Social Science Library.

13,822 maps

located across the university’s libraries, plus more than 20,000 digitized maps through the Beinecke Library.