Yale Planetary Solutions Series at COP28

December 6, 2023

Delegates from across Yale will join global leaders, representatives, scholars, and activists at COP28. As a participant in the Higher Education Pavilion, Yale is hosting events through the Planetary Solutions Series. Follow along the events and activities delegates from Yale will be involved with.

Before COP28

Day 1: Thursday, November 30

  • On November 30, Yale and New Haven community members gathered at Kroon Hall for a climate cafe to kick-off COP28.

Day 2: Friday, December 1

    • Ambassador Paul Simons, a senior fellow at the Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs, and Bilha Ndirangu, an Emerging Climate Leaders Fellow at the Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs, spoke about whether green jobs can tackle unemployment in Africa.
      • Dive deeper: In a Q-&-A article, YSE Professor of Economics Matthew Kotchen considers the possibility of a global carbon tax, a major talking point during September’s African Climate Summit.

    Day 3: Saturday, December 2

    Day 4: Sunday, December 3

    Day 5: Monday, December 4

    • Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law and Policy Dan Esty spoke at a panel titled “Introducing the Villars Framework for a Sustainable Trade System” with United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Chief Chantal-Line Carpentier and Jackson School of Global Affairs Emerging Climate Leaders Fellow Doris Edem Agbevivi.
      • Dive deeper: An article by The Economist analyzing the relationship between free trade and sustainability features Professor Esty’s perspective on what steps can be taken to create a more green trading system.  

    Day 7: Wednesday, December 6

    Day 9: Friday, December 8

    • Director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication Tony Leiserowitz will present an event titled “American public support for climate action,” based on YPCCC’s survey work with George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication.
      • Dive deeper: Dr. Leiserowitz also spoke at events titled “Climate Change in the Global Public Mind” hosted by the Global Alliance on Universities on Climate on December 4th and “Climate Change in the Global Public Mind” hosted by the World Meterological Organization on December 6th.

    Day 10: Saturday, December 9

    • YSE Professor Peter Boyd will moderate an event titled “Navigating Waves of Change: Financing Adaptation and Resilience in the Blue Economy.” Anelise Zimmer YSE ‘22, Principal Associate at the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Protecting Coastal Wetlands and Coral Reefs, will join four YSE students — Sofia John ’24 MEM, ’24 MBA, Rennie Jones ’24 MEM, Calla Rosenfeld ’24 MEM, and Emily Zhang ’24 MESc — in speaking at the event.

    Day 11: Sunday, December 10

    • Four YSE students — Alex Cherry ’24 MEM, Zaya Delgerjargal ’25 MEM, Lily Fillwalk ’24 MESc, and Violet Low-Beinart ’24 MEM — will speak at an event titled “Co-creating the future of food.”
    • Yale will host a “Young Researchers and Student Reception” with the Washington University in St. Louis, Second Nature, RINGO, and the George Washington University.

    Day 12: Monday, December 11