COP26 logo
November 1, 2021
The Yale School of the Environment and Yale University are prepared to make a major impact at the upcoming COP26, the annual “conference of the parties” hosted by the UN...
Graduate student Claire Cody conducts research in the new ESI laboratory.
November 1, 2021
A major renovation at Yale’s West Campus concluded this fall with the expansion of the Energy Sciences Institute (ESI) into consolidated space.
Yale's Paul Anastas wins 2021 Volvo Environment Prize
November 1, 2021
Known as the ‘father of green chemistry,’ Anastas is recognized for revolutionizing the chemical industry with the principle that environmental hazards can be eliminated...
October 20, 2021
Score one for a key climate change prediction. A multi-institutional research team led by Yale and the University of St. Andrews has confirmed a major finding of climate...
October 18, 2021
Coral Vita, the world’s first land-based coral farming company for reef restoration, is awarded with the first Earthshot prize, a new global environmental award established...
Seattle Spaceneedle in Smog
October 13, 2021
From heat domes to smoke season, mitigation and adaptation are key for Seattle to face climate change, says Ann Grodnik-Nagle, ’06, Climate Policy advisor for Seattle Public...
Tree-dwelling mammal
October 11, 2021
An asteroid strike 66 million years ago wiped out the non-avian dinosaurs and devastated the Earth’s forests, but tree-dwelling ancestors of primates may have survived it,...