Martha Muñoz
October 13, 2022
Martha Muñoz has shown that organisms can influence their own evolution—a lesson she’s passing on to her students
October 7, 2022
Climate scientists warn of dire consequences if we don’t slash emissions. A majority of Americans say they are alarmed or concerned about how the climate crisis could impact...

Yale Superfund Research Center to Investigate Water Contaminants Linked to Cancer

October 7, 2022
The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences recently awarded Yale a $7.35 million grant to support the research program over the next five years. The...
October 2, 2022
With a generous gift from the Three Cairns Group, the Yale School of the Environment will establish a transformative program aimed at supporting the next generation of...
Lena River Delta

From carbon capture to infectious disease: Planetary Solutions Project seed grants span disciplines to address global environmental challenges

May 27, 2022
In April, Yale University awarded nearly $1.5 million to 21 proposals in its inaugural round of Planetary Solutions Project seed grants; here, for the first time, these...
Collage of climate-related images
April 26, 2022
Yale University’s Climate Impact Innovation Fund, a $15 million fund launched in January by generous donors, has already begun to support research into ambitious new climate...
An archipelago from the air at dusk
April 21, 2022
This week Boeing announced its support of Yale University’s ambitious research efforts in the field of natural carbon sequestration. The $10 million contribution from the...