Symposium Agenda

Day 1

Wednesday, December 2


Curtail harmful anthropogenic climatic and environmental changes

Moderator: Anjelica Gonzalez

8:30 am


Peter Salovey

8:40 am

Musical excerpt: Here Comes the Rain

Tanner Porter, composer

8:45 am

Framing the Planetary Solutions Project

Scott Strobel

9:05 am


9:15 am

Climate and Carbon

Dave Bercovici & Mary-Louise Timmermans

9:45 am

Urbanization and Global Change: Focus on Biodiversity

Karen Seto & Walter Jetz

10:15 am


10:25 am

Our Imperiled Biosphere: Challenges, Inspirations, Solutions

Michael Donoghue & Erika Edwards

10:55 am

Themed break-out groups

11:40 am

Break-out Reports

Anjelica Gonzalez moderates

12:10 pm

Day 1 wrap up

Scott Strobel

Day 2

Thursday, December 3


Communicate, educate, and lead for change

Moderator: Tamar Gendler

8:30 am

On Engagement

Bill Nordhaus

8:55 am

The Ambition of Climate Equity

Gerald Torres & Narasimha Rao

9:30 am

The Role of Policy in Planetary Solutions

Jim Levinsohn & Ken Gillingham

10:00 am

Believe. Imagine. Remember: How Our Humanity Shapes Our Planetary Future

Paul Sabin, Sunil Amrith & Deborah Coen

10:35 am


10:45 am

Engaging the Public in Planetary Solutions

Dave Skelly & Anthony Leiserowitz

11:15 am

Themed break-out groups

11:55 am

Break-out Reports

Tamar Gendler moderates

12:25 pm

Day 2 wrap up

Tamar Gendler

Day 3

Friday, December 4


Build resilient systems to accommodate global changes

Moderator: Deborah Berke

8:30 am

On Adaptation

Indy Burke & Dan Esty

8:50 am

Musical excerpt: Seaborne

Garth Neustadter, composer

8:55 am

Planetary Health

Ann Kurth & Saad Omer

9:25 am

Energy Solutions

Gary Brudvig & Judy Cha

9:55 am


10:05 am

Engineering Planetary Solutions

Jeff Brock, Julie Zimmerman & Menachem Elimelech

10:40 am

Themed break-out-groups

11:25 am

Break-out Reports

Deborah Berke moderates

11:55 am

Poll & Concluding Thoughts

Scott Strobel

This agenda is subject to change.